Monday, July 1, 2013

Still going

As luck would have it, I still haven't completed the surprise project for Stacey's anniversary gift.  I guess the "I lost two weeks of working on it" rationale has now fallen by the wayside.  The good news is that I may be able to post pictures next week as I have everything glued up and ready for finish.  It's funny how the smaller projects seem to take longer than the larger ones.

At any rate, since the last post I have bought glass for the doors, etched the glass, assembled the doors, rebuilt drawers (which still didn't fit properly) and done a ton of sanding.  The new drawers actually had the same problem as the original ones.  This leads me to believe that the spacing on my drawer runners is off, since I actually made the new drawers nearly 3/16" taller than the old ones.  The problem was the spacing between the drawers was off... again. There was a 1/8" gap between the top and second drawers, no gap between the second and third, etc.

Well I was not about to make new drawers for a second time. I do it nice 'cause I do it twice.  I really needed a way to make these drawers work.  After some pondering, and more pondering, and a headache because my brain isn't used to thought, I came up with the answer.  Since I made the fronts taller than the sides and backs, all I had to do was plane the fronts flush with the sides, and glue on a new piece of wood to cover the gap.  I like to refer to this as adding a design element.  At first I thought I would use some cherry to match the drawer fronts, but as I was sitting at my bench considering what do do, it hit me.  Why should I ruin the flow of the grain which I had carefully put together by sticking cherry in with different grain?  I still have some maple left, I can rip down the maple, glue it on, plane it to fit, flush it up with the cherry, and ebonize it.  I'm a stinking genius! (Not really.) Well, genius or not, it worked out perfectly, there is now a perfect 1/16" gap between all of the drawers.  Now on to finishing, and the challenges that come with that.

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